Saturday, December 08, 2007

What is in the water at Annapolis?

Here is something for you to chew on if you don't think evil exists in this world; that evil stalks each man's weakness for a way to angle in and use your weakness to destroy you and those around you. If you truly don't think that evil exists, you are blind. If you don't think lust, selfishness, and lack of self-control feeds evil - you are delusional.
A Navy chaplain who is HIV-positive is expected to plead guilty this morning to charges that he used his positions at the U.S. Naval Academy and Marine Corps Base Quantico to lure midshipmen and Marines into sex acts, according to military officials and sources familiar with the case.

Marine Corps officials announced yesterday that Lt. Cmdr. John Thomas Matthew Lee, 42, who is a Catholic priest, is scheduled to face a court-martial at Quantico on charges that stem from several alleged incidents from 2003 to 2007. The charges include consensual and forcible sodomy for allegedly having sex with several men; indecent acts for allegedly posing for nude photographs; aggravated assault for not informing an alleged victim of his HIV status; and conduct unbecoming an officer.
knowing he had tested positive for the virus in 2005, had sex with an Air Force lieutenant colonel in December of last year and exposed him to the virus without telling him. ... Lee fraternized with one midshipman over a two-year period after the student came to him for counseling and advice in 2004. Lee offered the underage midshipman alcohol, engaged in sex acts, asked him to take nude photographs of Lee and e-mailed him pornographic photos of naked men ...
Lee was a chaplain at the Naval Academy from September 2003 to October of last year, and investigators found that he had sex or inappropriate contact with several men, including some academy students who went to him for counseling after they were identified as homosexuals, the documents and sources indicate.

One source familiar with the case, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Lee would start conversations with the midshipmen and then invite them to his office, where he allegedly had them take nude pictures of him before he would initiate sex. A charge of forcible sodomy could result if Lee used his rank to have sex with subordinates.
Lee also had inappropriate sexual contact with a Marine corporal while at Quantico, court documents indicate.

Lee faces a potential maximum life sentence without parole in the forcible sodomy charge, but his attorney, David P. Sheldon, said Lee has reached a plea agreement. Sheldon declined to discuss terms of the deal.

"Chaplain Lee will be pleading guilty before a general court-martial," Sheldon said. "He has entered into a pretrial agreement with the government that will substantially reduce his exposure to confinement.
What was in the water at Annapolis in the first half decade of this century? Just to throw it in the mix; I didn't blog on it all that much but ....
...last month a Navy physician was sentenced to four years in prison for using a hidden camera at his home to tape midshipmen having sex.
Lee has received 2 years, and if you want more of the sordid details and testimony of the now commissioned officers he was involved with, click here.

Just another reminder that evil waits, patiently. He will never make you do anything, but if you open a door or don't secure yourself, he will walk right in and take over your life. He will invite you to destroy yourself with your own hand and show you the easiest way to do it. He will use you as an instrument to open other people's doors, and loosen their fortifications. It is his nature. It is his job.

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