Saturday, December 29, 2007

Skippy's video

Perfectly playing his role of the guy at the end of the bar brooding over his lager with a cigar, rolled up with a little Statler & Waldorf - in a conversation about an article from Victor Davis Hanson, Skippy typed this out,
Hanson and I agree on only one point:
"Our military is too small for our assumed current geopolitical responsibilities. Either increase the former or cut back on the latter — or, better yet, do both."
That is what I would like to see-a return to a pragmatic foreign policy that deals with the world as it is-not as we would wish it to be.
Well Skippy - I ran into something you might find of interest. I don't plan or ordering it, and I have not seen it so can't comment, but there is an interesting "documentary" out there called "The World Without US."

The premise of the movie is something I have warned some of our allies about; be careful what you wish for, the USA is one election and the right candidate away from just coming home. Follow the above link for the video trailers. For some reason, they don't have them on YouTube. Just and interesting "what if." I would exercise caution if you were going to buy it though, seems they might have some RonPaulian trick up their sleeve.

That being said, when it comes to Skippy's video, I think this might be more what he would have in mind.

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