Monday, December 17, 2007

Oh, you silly JAGs.....

While reading up on the LOST post on Saturday, something caught my eye. Now, throughout my entire Navy career, emphasized repeatedly by Senior Leadership, I have been very focused on "Diversity." I have been constantly reminded, both officially and unofficially, that for NJP, time-to-qual, FITREP rankings, assignments, and recruiting that I need to do all "I can" to ensure that the Navy looks just like America! So, of course, being that as an institution Big Navy is only interested in the geographical source of people's geneome - not such discriminatory things as performance, education, or preparation to succeed - I make sure and take note of Diversity in my everyday work environment.

It is amazing when you adopt the Diversity Bully's sectarian view of the world, what that world - Potempkin like - begins to look like.
Did you know that the JAG Corp is 52.5% female, 47.5% male, and perhaps (depends on how you define it) 22.5% "Americans of a significantly Sub-Saharan African genome." Check here, here, and here to count melanin yourself - though I think we missed some of their other priorities.

Wow. I feel just so inclusive looking at their site. Mmmmmmmm; happy feelings. How unprofessional of myself to initially only see people as Officers, Members of the Chief's Mess, and Junior Enlisted. I feel much better now being more in line with the 1930s Deutsche Hygiene-Museum. Much better, don't you? After all, it is part of my FITREP.

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