Monday, December 17, 2007

That helps explain the Intel failure

Here we are over six years into this war. I think from both Left and right, I can think everyone can agree that the CIA leaves a lot to be desired WRT actually functioning as a Central Intelligence Agency that is focused on those who would do this nation harm. No excess focus power - their dance card should be quite full.

The CIA more and more just looks like a self-serving bloated gov'munt bureaucracy. In case you didn't think that was the case, Gabriel Schoenfeld, provides us all a great service.

Equal Opportunity and Diversity
The Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office held an IC Diversity Strategy Implementation Workshop on 2 and 3 October. This was an important step in the accomplishment of the IC-wide EEO and Diversity Cross-Cutting Emphasis Area Plan (CCEAP) by providing each of the IC Agencies with the mechanisms and direction, consistent with Section 102A of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorist Prevention Act (IRTPA), to “ensure that the personnel of the Intelligence Community are sufficiently diverse for purposes of the collection and analysis of intelligence through the
recruitment and training of women, minorities, and individuals with diverse ethnic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds.” It sets the stage to ensure that the members of the Intelligence Community not only reflect America, but also have the cultural backgrounds of our threats. In addition, the office held a “Second Affinity Group and Special Emphasis Program Leadership Colloquium” on 1 and 2 November which broadened outreach techniques to IC human resource offices, businesses, and others interested in minority recruitment for the IC. The Colloquium also included mentoring and coaching techniques for minority individuals and communication of EEOD issues to senior leadership members.
That is from the testimony to Congress by Donald Kerr, the PDDNI, that is, the Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence - as part of his "500 Day Plan" to, I guess, make the CIA do something that might actually confuse the enemy more than the USA? Asking too much I guess.

Priorities for a nation at war.

So, now the CIA has been sucked into the reality distortion myth of the Diversity Bullies. The pathetic thing is that they have lumped their self-important, Balkanizing, grievance farming with what we should be focused on, real diversity that has to do with linguistic and cultural training. I pass as a fairly good "High Yellow" Lebanese or Syrian myself, not to mention Circassian or Chechen - but hey, I guess I am just Whitey to the CIA.

Might as well be the Ed'u'ma'ca'chun Dept. Gut it and start over. I like what SECDEF Gates said about the CIA over 26 years ago.
As a result of the lack of innovative and creative personnel management, I believe this agency is chock full of people simply awaiting retirement: some are only a year or two away and some are twenty-five years away, but there are far too many playing it safe, proceeding cautiously, not antagonizing management, and certainly not broadening their horizons, especially as long as their own senior management makes it clear that [risk-taking] is not career enhancing. How is the health of CIA? I would say that at the present time it has a case of advanced bureaucratic arteriosclerosis: the arteries are clogging up with careerist bureaucrats who have lost the spark. It is my opinion that it is this steadily increasing proportion of intelligence bureaucrats that has led to the decline in the quality of intelligence collection and analysis over the past fifteen years — more so than our declining resources . . . or congressional investigations or legal restrictions. CIA is slowly turning into the Department of Agriculture.
Harumph. Makes we want to start chanting "Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!"

Hat tip Cliff May at The Corner.

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