Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Just say no to Huckabee

Well, Huckabee is surging - or so it looks. I think this is a tragic mistake by the Republican right. Let me explain why.

First things first. I am both a Southerner, and a Southern Baptist. So is Huckabee - actually Huckabee is a SB Pastor. I also share many things politically with Huckabee. He is, however, a great way for the Republicans to invite destruction in the '08 general election.

There are a few things that the American Public want a break from after 8 years of George Bush.
  • A Southern accent.
  • An overt Evangelical.
  • Compassionate Conservatism.
There are some things that the American Public does want in '08 however.
  • No net increase in taxes.
  • Control of our borders.
  • Strong on defense.
Huckabee only gets a "strong on defense" bit. He has all of the "had enough" and fails on 2 out of 3 of the "want to keep."

If the Republican primary voters want to hand Hillary or Barak control over the Legislative and Executive branches of our government - vote for Huckabee. Want to win in the General? Better go with a Guiliani or Romney. Those are your choices. McCain gave up his chance when with CFR and immigration, and Thompson just ain't going to catch fire.

As for Huckabee on immigration, I will let Laura take care of that below.

UPDATE: Bookie has been thinking about Huckabee as well. Very good points, looking at the problem from a slightly different angle.

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Anonymous said...

Dear God, WE DO NOT NEED ANOTHER BI-PARTISAN, MIDDLE OF THE ROAD REPUBLICAN!!!  The conservative wing WILL be successfull, if they ignore the mainstream media polling and put a true Jeffersonian / Reagan conservative up there.  The US is sick of Washington stalls, insider deals and the Giant Leviathan B.S.  A true small government, lower taxes, lower Government involvement, energy independent, Strong Military candidate will run the table.  We (the Republicans) have been without a decent candidate for 30 years.  The Blueprint exists, I pray the party will stand on fundemental principals and return this country to the 2nd to none status we are capable of being.