Monday, December 10, 2007

The Jewish problem

Hey, I don't have one, but it looks like the "Americans" from do.

No search for "Jew" or "Rabbi" here, just the opening shot from their version of youtube. Thanks to Dr. Rusty Shackleford over at Jawa - we can also look the the self-loathing and general muddled hate fest that spawned this mess.
The only three videos you see that aren't overtly related to some alleged Jewish malfeasance are Shaikh Yousef al-Qaradawi's Advice to the Ummah, Surat al-Buruj -Abdel Rahman al-Khattab, & Laa Illaha Illah Allah.

The first, a lecture by a man often described as a "moderate" Islamist cleric, Yousef al-Qaradawi, gives his rationale for why it's okay to blow oneself up as long as the victim is a Jew.

The second is a reading by a former Jew living in New York city, Joseph Cohen, r
eciting something or other in Arabic. Naturally, Cohen hates Jews and thinks its funny when they get their heads cut off.

The website is registerd in Danbury, CT. Judging by the e-mail address associated with it (mnmc, appears to belong to Mohamed M. Ghounem author of books that take Judaism and Christianity to task, such as 200+ Ways the Quran Corrects the Bible. Ghounem lives in Danbury.

He is also described here as the founder of "Jews for Allah".

Who is the featured member of "Jews for Allah"? Yousef al-Khattab, who was once known as Joseph Cohen. Oh, and he's buddies with Ghounem, who is not a former Jew but was a Christian.

As a sidenote, the website bills itself as, "Uniting the children of Abraham through love and understanding of Islam". But since Jews for Allah appears to be run by the same people as Muslim Videos, a site rife with antisemitism, isn't it a little disingenuous to say your goal is the uniting of Jews and Muslims?

It appears that Cohen and colleagues have started their own Muslim version of YouTube. With predictable results.
Nice. Here is another screen shot of the top.

Notice the black flag? Know what that is?
This black flag with the Shahada in white on it is the RAYAH, the flag of the Jihad in Islam. Not the banner of single group claiming for Jihad but the banner of the Jihad. The flag is Black and the Shahada always remains in white. Every Muslim fighting in Jihad will hold this flag. You can find the Rayah over the shoulders of Muslim fighters in Chechnya, sometimes in the street of Palestine, in Bosnia was very used by the "Black Swans" group of the Muslim Bosnian Army.
...or the "al-Rayah" as it is also known is generally sees as the flag of al-Qaeda and its assorted friends. It has been seen pretty much everywhere; Algeria, Musa Qala, Waziristan and other places in Pakistan. And yes, your buddy Bin likes it too.

Thing about the likes of al-Khattab/Cohen and his buddy. 30-40 years ago those types joined the SLA, SDS, BMG, Red Brigades - etc; now the play Muslim. Either way, they deserve our scorn ("our" includes American Muslims BTW), and if they go to far - someone official should give them 147gr worth for their trouble. Anyway - they are kind of pathetic these pampered, protected, sub-urban Holy Warrior (sic) wannabes. They remind me of these guys.

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