Monday, December 17, 2007

21st Century Lynch Mob

This is how it starts.
MPAC now wants to find out exactly who these Sufis are, who are working for the Zio-Con think tank. There were 8 Sufis who worked for them, and all apparently have gone abroad to hide while the storm is raging. They worked, according to Policy Exchange for over a year on the project, so some Muslim out there must have come into contact with them.

Who are they, what are their backgrounds … MPACUK will dig deeper and expose every last detail of the Sufis who tried to destroy their own community.

If you know who they are – please write in and we will expose these men and women for all the Muslim community to see. Write in now and let us do what the incompetent idiots in the Mosque should be doing, protecting our community.
That is not a subtle threat. What is their "crime?"
Over the summer, Policy Exchange produced the most comprehensive report so far on the extent to which extremist literature is available in British mosques and Islamic institutions. It is called The Hijacking of British Islam.

Muslim undercover researchers visited nearly 100 mosques. In 26 of them, they found extremist material - titles such as Women Who Deserve to Go to Hell (for answering their husbands back), virulent insults of Jews and homosexuals, puritanical attacks on moderate Muslims, calls for the complete rejection of Western society etc.
Well, the BBC did weigh in - by attacking the Policy Exchange and the brave British Muslims that helped investigate the issue.
Policy Exchange researches all sorts of public policy - police reform, school choice, housing, as well as on Islamist extremism. Next week comes its big report on improving philanthropy. I find it repellent that the might of the BBC is deployed to threaten and bully a charity in this way.

More important, however, is the fate of Muslims in this country.

It is not often realised that the British citizens most persecuted by Islamist extremism are Muslims themselves.

The researchers that Policy Exchange used to find the extreme literature were all Muslims - no one else could pass unnoticed in a potentially hostile environment.

Because their safety was and is threatened, the think-tank protects their anonymity. On air, Newsnight revealed where some of them were.

Yesterday an Islamist website repeated this and called for supporters to help hunt them down. The BBC has unintentionally exposed them to the risk of harm.

What these brave Muslims undeniably found was evidence of widespread, obnoxious material that is a risk to decent Muslims and to British social order.

The BBC chose, in effect, to side with their extreme opponents and to cover up the report, because of an obsession about a few pieces of paper.
Oh, the pi55ing contest is over a few, not all, of the receipts - not a memogate like issue, much smaller and harder to prove.

The UK has a huge problem that we in the US just cannot comprehend - and the problem in the UK will get worse and worse until the British confront the beast they have allowed to exist within. Sure, we have our own Islamists issues, but they haven't attacked the US public with SVBIED and VBID in our own cities; yet. MPACUK, BTW, makes C.A.I.R. look like the Daughters of the American Revolution in comparison.

See Europe while it is still there - but go to London first, it is pretty much gone already insofar as it being a British city. Last time I was there, the neighborhood where we were staying (outside of Paddington of all places), at the local playground about 70% of the women with children were wearing head scarves. Walking around the neighborhood, it was only about 40% or so. In Istanbul it is about 5-10%. Go figure.

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