Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sure, they support the troops

This is the Left I know.
The city that's home to Harvard and MIT solidified its nickname as "The People's Republic of Cambridge" when it put a stop to a Boy Scout troop's Election Day drive to collect care packages for American soldiers in Iraq, claiming it was "political."

“We just wanted to make a lot of troops happy,” Scout Patrick O’Connor told the Boston Herald.

The big-hearted Scouts from Cambridge Troop 45 had placed donation boxes at the city's 33 polling stations in hopes of collecting toiletries, magazines, candy and other items after one of O'Connor's relatives was injured in an IED explosion while serving in Iraq.

But someone complained to the city, allegedly claiming the boxes were a “political statement,” and the boxes were removed.
A good video report here. The USNI did a nice bit on the Marines at Harvard. I know the active duty folks have to steer clear - but I would be interested in what Nathaniel Fick has to say. I know he has time to get involved in macro issues (he played around with Wesley Clark's Lefty VoteVets, one time a member of the Board of Advisers. Just to give you are reference point - along with such pro-victory types as Lawrence Korb, Bob Batiste - pushing types such as retired Rear Admiral Joe Sestak (D-PA).)

This is in his backyard. He is one of the higher profile veterans of the Long War (it has too many names now - I am reverting to the most accurate description.) One would think he might have a comment. He may. I have not seen it - but he may. BTW, I don't have a beef on Nathaniel Fick - I actually promoted him when I was in a position to do so a few years ago right when his book came out (did it here too).

Hat tip LBG.

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