Thursday, November 29, 2007

Diversity Bullies run'eth amok on AKO

Have you seen the "Words Hurt" ppt? Did you know that the Army's Diversity Bullies have published an "Enemies List" of verboten words? Well, thanks to Michelle we have an email being put out by one of the Diversity Bullies Stormtroopers at the Army Intelligence and Security Command’s , SFC Blanding, USA - where she breathlessly states,
"Some will find this list irritating just reading it. I became irritated just typing these words ... these words should not be used in the workplace. All it takes is for someone to hear it. (earshot)"
Sure, we have the words we can all agree on; Nigger, Chink, Spic, Jewboy, and Wop. Not to mention my own favorite, "blue eyed devil' (I usually get kissed after I hear that, however).

There are also some that are iffy, like Cracker. You see, in North Florida, Cracker is actually a good thing to be called. How non-multi-culti ignorant of the SFC, but I don't blame her. If you look at the Diversity Bullies Calendar of Important Genetics - native White culture isn't too far up on the brainwash list.

But here my main bone of contention. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the following; Black Ball, Black List, Lowest on the Totem Pole, Indian War, Indian Summer, Guinea Pig, Savage, Caught Red Handed, Lackey, Working Like a Slave, Sounds Greek to me, Indian, Jezzebell (that one is for AW1), Colonial, and Canuck (SFC must not be a hockey fan - see Cracker above).

For sheer childlike fun though, I did enjoy the idea of someone typing out on AKO the following (which I have not and would not use at work, home, or in the bedroom); Step-n fetchit, Beaner, Honkey, High Yellow, Kimosabe, Redman, Limp-wrist, You People, Coloured (talk to the NAACP please), Trailer-trash, spear-chunker, and Holy-roller. There is more.

Then there are the "huh?" ones; Uncle Charlie, boy, girl.

Get a life, please SFC Blanding. I bet you don't like your collateral duty either - in that case nothing personal, you are doing as job as distasteful as I found participating in the Haitian embargo in the 90s. If it is your full-time job though; well, get a life.

Hat tip Mike.

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