Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Liv'n large and look'n cheap

Oh come on Bill! When one is a sitting or former President meeting the leader of another country, you should dress and act in a sufficiently formal and classy manner. That goes with your decorations as well.

Note the picture on the right from a few days ago when former President Clinton was meeting another man of the left, Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero. Did you notice what is on his right hand? It looks like some cheap trinket of a bracelet (blow up, though quite pixelated here).

If Bill was a Grandfather and he had the Grandkids on a trip with him, I would cut him some slack; but he doesn't have any Grandkids. Oh, I know. It is probably one of those Compassion Bullies "cause of the month" bracelets, so I guess I can't say anything - not that it will stop me.
In the end, it cheapens President Clinton, and his nation to wear something that looks like it was made in a 7 year old's Sunday school class. It also is an insult to PM Zap. Is this a cheap shot? Sure. Does he deserve it? Yes.

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