Thursday, November 15, 2007

Give 'em the Bone!

If you aren't reading the regular airpower summary, you are missing proof that those who say stuff like, "That will never happen in the battlefield of the future." are living in a fool's paradise.
In Afghanistan, an Air Force B1-B Lancer dropped a guided bomb unit-38 against an enemy fighting position in Gereshk. A direct hit was reported by the on-scene joint terminal attack controller who declared the strike as a success.
In Iraq, several GBU-38s and GBU-31s were dropped from a B1-B against structures in Baghdad to deny the enemy further use of the facilities. The JTAC reported the destruction of the targets and assessed the mission as successful.
If you told people in the late '90s that would take happen, they would have downgraded your FITREP. Close air support from a heavy bomber. Cool.

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