Tuesday, November 06, 2007

SECDEF puts NATO on warning

Could the SECDEF be reading CDR Salamander??? Naw....but still.
Gates said before the NATO session that he was not satisfied with the allies' efforts. In Heidelberg he was more direct and specific, telling the army chiefs that the stakes in Afghanistan were great.

"If an alliance of the world's greatest democracies cannot summon the will to get the job done in a mission that we agree is morally just and vital to our security," he told the European army generals, "then our citizens may begin to question both the worth of the mission and the utility of the 60-year-old trans-Atlantic security project itself," referring to NATO, which was created in 1949.
Time to end the "American occupation of Europe?" From the Left and right - many would buy off on it. Screw up AFG - and you just may get that.

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