Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sour, cowardly, stunted educational Stalinists

When things like this take place, you know you have much more problems with the adults than the children.
A 13-year-old junior high school student was given two days of detention after school officials spotted her hugging friends after school last Friday.

Megan Coulter, an eighth-grade student at Mascoutah Middle School, was hugging her friends goodbye after school Friday when vice principal, Randy Blakely, saw her and told her she would receive two after-school detentions.

Blakely had previously warned Coulter that she was in violation of the school's policy on public displays of affection after she was seen hugging a student at a football game.

The school's policy says that “displays of affection should not occur on the campus at any time.”

Coulter's mother, Melissa Coulter, says she has requested to speak with the School Board at its next meeting, and is mystified about the punishment leveled at her daughter.

Mascoutah Superintendent Sam McGowen said today that the district's policy helps prevent misunderstandings and unwelcome expressions of affection.
Where are the parents storming the School Board building with torches and pitchforks? Do they know? Do they care? Or, as I suspect, are they mindless slaves to those who they outsource their children to?

I bet Anne has no problem with hugs.

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