Tuesday, November 27, 2007

CDR Nanny

Oh my, this guy sounds like he was once Skippy's liberty-buddy.
I do feel that there needs to be a break from where it is sold. I propose that a separate location be made for the selling of alcohol on all bases, take it far away from the rows of toys, dog food and cleaning supplies.

Do not have it piled higher than my toddlers near the check-out registers. Find a separate building to sell it from — and you can put all the tobacco products (another issue by itself) there, as well. Maybe even with our fancy Common Access Cards, those on rehab programs or with previous alcohol incidents could be identified as “not to sell to.”

It might not make a measurable difference — the unit SITREPS probably will still come rolling in at the same rate. Those who really want to get their hands on and abuse alcohol will find a way no matter where it is sold. However, if any effort made manages to keep just one sailor from picking up the 12-pack on the way out of the store, would it not be worth it?
Ungh. Maybe not.

The worst temptation of naval paternalism. I am sure CDR Owen is a great guy, probably not the one you should put in charge of your Admin while in Trieste - but I think his desire to "help" is just a bit too far. Next thing you know, our Sailors will find movies are too rough for them and ask their COs to remove them on cruise. Oh wait, that has already happened.

When someone says, "For the children..." or "If we could save one .... " grab your freedoms and Constitution; and run for the hills. We give up enough freedoms in the service, can we at least get some beer close to the checkout?

Anyway, it is attitudes like CDR Nanny held by those who sign FITREPS that caused Junior Officers years ago to stop socializing a beer anyway. Not that it has helped the drinking problem either. As for me, I will let my spokesman handle this.

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