Monday, November 12, 2007

Pimp my camel

How can you want a culture to expand and religious sect to thrive that both strive to destroy what little above-ground fun that can be had, in one of the least fun places in the world?
Members of Saudi Arabia's Senior Clerics Association have issued a fatwa banning camel beauty contests.

The fatwa stated that the contests are prohibited because they include perversion, waste money on futility and ostentation, and are similar to games banned by the Koran.

Camel beauty contests have been held annually at this time for the past decade, and are part of Saudi tribal folklore.
They do have some nice looking camels.

You know, the gift of life is too precious to allow people who make Cotton Mather seem like a member of the Rat Pack take over any more square footage.

Hat tip LGF.

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