Wednesday, July 11, 2007

UN moving Phib's way?

Behold the power of the ranting Sailor!

The UN Security Council may request the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia to allow naval ships to pursue pirate vessels into Somali territorial waters.

In some past incidents, coalition warships have watched helplessly when hijacked vessels have reached Somali waters.

A recent increase in the frequency of attacks by pirates has seen a dramatic reduction in the use of cargo vessels to move food assistance to Somalia from ports in Kenya and elsewhere in Africa.

Yesterday, the Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Efthimios E. Mitropoulos, and the Executive Director of the UN World Food Programme (WFP), Josette Sheeran, called for concerted and co-ordinated international action to address the threat of piracy and armed robbery against ships in waters off the coast of Somalia.
"We would like to see a more coordinated and robust approach to dealing with the problem of piracy, from the Transitional Federal Government in Somalia, from neighbouring countries that have influence, and from the African Union," said Sheeran. "WFP is grateful for the continuing presence in the seas off Somalia of naval forces from several nations. They have been helpful on occasion in the past and they offer a potential deterrence to pirates. But we need to explore how these resources can be brought more heavily into play to protect shipping and, thereby, the delivery by sea of life-saving humanitarian assistance."
"...more coordinated and robust...more heavily into play.." Yep, I can do it. Send it FLASH with a SIPR backup to my personal account. I'll have two COA to you in 8 hours - though I want Eagle1 as my lead JAG (because I just found out he scooped me by a day - egads!). ArmyLawyer can pack sand; this is Navy business.

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