Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I will make you love me

Today is the day for inflammatory titles. Using a logic only a rapist would understand, it looks like the Powers That Be are ordering us to lay back and enjoy it.
The Pentagon will move to require its civilian and military employees to use the Defense Travel System after an outside report won the department breathing room to fix the much-maligned system.
Over 80% of people do not use the $500 million system now because it is terrible. Forcing everyone to use it is going to be a nightmare. I can hear the train wreck from here.

They need to do better on training if they are going to force this down everyone's throat. A mass email of a Word .doc and a .ppt and then say, "Do it." is not the answer. That is, however, what a lot of the Fleet is getting.

Dr. Chu may be happy - but this just reeks of Beltway-Centric thinking. Not everyone has a NIPRNET computer at their desk. Often 12+ people share just one. Bandwidth is not all broadband. That doesn't even cover the time it takes to make travel happen - and lord help you if you are between conference meetings or at sea and you have to change you flight because something important came up that caused a delay - or the COD is hard down.

Do they really think they can go from 17% compliance to 100% in the span of a few months? I don't.

Fairy dust will not make this work. Dr. Chu needs to deploy without assistants for a few weeks....with a NMCI laptop.

Make it happen.

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