Friday, July 20, 2007

Death Wish Caucus wins

The enemy kills via guile and stealth. The best way to stop a terrorist attack is for citizens, as their government has asked them, to report suspicious behavior. The German-American Bund Fifth Column, errrrr, C.A.I.R. and the Flying Imans (with their Trial Lawyer useful idiots) want to stop this by holding the threat of a life destroying lawsuit against any citizen who reports suspicious behavior prior to bodies on the floor.

It is logical to protect the watchful citizens from the enabler of the enemy by protecting them from lawsuits just for saying, "You may want to take a look at that guy, he is acting funny."

Well, with a few exceptions, the Democrat Party has blocked this. They want you to be quiet and die.

Someone tell me why they would vote against it. I will call my Democrat Senator and ask them - that should be interesting.

Here is something bipartisan for you: two profiles in slime - Brownback and Obama - didn't even vote. And they want to be President?

More detail from Andy and Michelle. Michelle also has a list of who voted to kill it. Skippy, can you explain why Webb voted with those who want the American people too scared to defend themselves? Why Sen. Clinton (D-NY) is more of a man than he is?

Graphic by RightOnTheRight.

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