Thursday, July 19, 2007

Not worthy of Webb

Notice the pattern. He constantly talks over others. Only his facts apply. His lame excuse for why his second hand knowledge of Iraq is greater than another Senator's first hand knowledge. Saw it in 6th grade - looking at it now.

His facts are wrong. His bully habits are wrong. I'm not a huge fan of Senator Graham (R-SC), but still, why people think this performance helps Webb's cause is beyond me.

Though no video - the tried it the other night with Senator Thune (R- SD).
1:57 A.M.
Thune is maybe a little too good, because Webb has started playing a little fast and loose with the gavel and floor rules, interrupting him to ask some inane questions about the diversity of opinions on the war within the military. The subtext of this is, near as I can tell, “I, Jim Webb, am a citizen soldier extraordinaire and former career military officer. You are none of these things and are therefore unqualified to speak on such issues.” Thune deftly counters by reminding Webb, that he’s actually visited with soldiers in Iraq and Webb has not.
Senator Webb (D-VA) is getting old real fast. Anger mixed with narcissistic pomposity isn't a plan - and it rarely makes good policy.

I know I should go after the message and not the messenger - but Webb has made himself the message. Fair game.
Speaking of the worlds greatest deliberative body, from Allah; Nuff said.

UPDATE: Some facts for my friend Skippy who in comments said,
It was Graham that talked over Webb...
Webb started by talking, uninterrupted for 1:42. Graham's next time slot ran 1:34 - but Webb interrupted and talked over him on and off for a total of :29 - Graham netted 1:05. Webb next had 1:51 - but Graham interrupted or talked over him for 24 seconds - Webb netted 1:27. The last ~:50 was verbal graba55 that was about break even.
----Webb's net talking was 3:09, gross 3:34. Interrupted by Graham 16% of the time.
----Graham's net talking was 1:05, gross 1:34. Interrupted by Webb 39% of the time.

Webb started it. Webb had 69% of the talking time during the segment gross. Webb had 74% of the net talking time.

Facts are hard things, friend.

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