Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The British canary

Bookie has an outstanding series and links about more lessons that we can re-learn from what is only going to get worse in our lifetime - the Islamization of Western Europe.

As we have discussed here before, most of the likely outcomes in the future are not good. 1)-Slow Islamization, 2)-Civil War, or 3)assimilation. Multi-culturism, demographics, and immigration will bring 1 or 2.

3 is what all the Care Bears like to talk about, those Care Bears who have realized the cultural suicide of Multi-culti. For assimilation to take place, you have to want to be assimilated. Muslims do not have a history of assimilated when they reach a critical mass as a percentage of population. All you have to do is look at once majority Lebanon to see that.

There are some things that you will not change. By 2050, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Yemen will have a population of approx __,_____, and _____. Their environment and economy cannot support those populations. They will want to emigrate. Western Europe is the primary destination, with the rest of the West being the other options.

With each passing year, I think it becomes more and more clear that unless Europe closes the door to the foreign born Muslim - the West will end up by mid-century having a full time Civil-Religious War on its hands - one totally avoidable and predictable.

As a byproduct of the abuse of Liberal Democratic Values - the Europeans will lose it in order to save the larger culture.

The US should take note. Our Muslims remain in the low single digits. More will want to come. Millions more. Do we want that? Do we like what we see in Europe?

America is not an ethnic group. We are not a single culture. We are a society build on an idea. If that idea cannot sustain itself because a foreign entity has grown inside it - foreign entities like you see in Northern England and parts of London - then that idea ceases to exist. A nation like France could slip into a few decades of dictatorship and emerge as France on the other end. If the USA ever broke with its Constitution as it tried to save itself - it would not emerge as the USA on the other end. 5-7 Nations would come out the other end.

Care and feed her. Care and feed her. Don't put herself in a position where she will pull herself apart.

As for the warning signs - watch the Jews.

That is just Part 1. You can see all four parts here.

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