Monday, July 09, 2007

A feckless, irresolute president

Bill Kristol is exactly right.
Let me be clear: The president ordered the "surge," which only recently came to full strength and whose major operation has been going on for less than a month. If he were not to give it a chance to work, he would properly be viewed as a feckless, irresolute president, incapable of seeing his own strategy through a couple of months of controversy before abandoning it. He will have asked our soldiers to go on the offensive, assuming greater risk of casualties--and then, even though the offensive is working better than expected, will have pulled the plug on their efforts.
If the president gives in now, he will not be credited with a statesmanlike compromise. He will be lambasted by the left for fighting a bad war, and by the right for fighting it badly, recommitting us to the fight, and then losing it. The remainder of his term will be mired in congressional investigations as the waters fill with blood and the sharks go in for the kill. The Democrats will be emboldened to press him on every front, especially since Iraq is virtually the only position he's actually been defending. Lame duck does not even begin to describe where President Bush will be if he does this.
BTW, there will not be another Bush President. He has come to embrace all of father's weaknesses, and a few of his own. Their sin will fall on the next three generations of Bushes. The fact this is even being looked at validates it, and makes me agree with Jesse Jackson for once.

If it comes to pass, I will crawl on my knees though The Village to The Commissar's Fortress of Solitude beating myself with Mr. Claws toy while wearing a hairshirt and beg for two helpings of crow followed by a large serving of humble pie.

If not, and Petraeus is allowed to do what needs to be done, I will simply continue to enjoy Anababis.

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