Monday, July 16, 2007

Defend Norm!

Bravo Zulu to Chap! Did you know that Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) is trying to kill that bucket of FOD DTS! Oh, glory of glories! Almost the best news since calling the new killer UAV the "Raptor." Anyway, buckets of cluelessness, this time led by Bill Hobbs, are trying to make it look like something slimy and crooked. Ace picked it up and is keeping an open mind. Chap weighed in using one of my posts on DTS to tell Ace to look closer at what Sen. Coleman is doing - and folks are coming out of the woodwork to report on the garbage DTS is. Head on over to Ace's place if you have a DTS story that needs to be told. Ace is a Mensch, be polite - he is just looking for the truth - help a brother out.

A hearty Bravo Zulu to Senator Colman too. Keep it up!

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