Saturday, July 21, 2007

Air Farce sanity?

My stars and garters! I don't believe I am saying this - but - of all places, the USAF is leading from the front. Benchmark, replicate and move forward! Bravo Zulu, or Sierra Hotel or whatever the Blue Suits say. Via StrategyPage - this is the most REMF sourced sanity I have seen in a long time. LBG, call your office.
The U.S. Air Force has rebelled against the annoying late 20th century custom of creating many annual training courses to deal with persistent social or organizational problems. From now on, instead of spending nine hours a year attending training for things like suicide prevention, anti-terrorism awareness, handling classified data, sex related issues, and so on, only 90 minutes a year would be used for all these reminders.
Hat tip John at Argghhh!!!

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