Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Wobble Caucus - Senate Edition

Saved by four votes. It dies. Ok, let me get this straight: we are at war, you voted without question the man who supports and will lead the plan, your vote means nothing per se - yet it will embolden your war enemies - demoralize your own troops in the field - and excite your political foes and be used against your President. Some would call it mindless narcissistic CYA voting. Someone out there would.

which Republicans should be forced to watch Lawnmower Man?
This is serious - there are people who want defeat.
... Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, squeezed in a morning appearance in New Hampshire, where she told one audience, "We have to end this war and we can't do it without Republican votes."

Head on over to Lex's place where he hits on a topic we have discussed here a few times - and he adds to it. Because I am lazy, I will cut and paste my comment there.
I think what we are seeing is a variation of what we saw in 72-75. The Left goes back to its playbook on a regular basis.

One thing that has been buiding over the last year in strength (though has been in the mind of the Left since we took Camp Rhino in late 01) - I really didn't think they would get a chance though I knew they wanted to do it - is that they want a defeat. They want a defeat they can use as a club to pound their domestic rivals and to prove one of the foundations of their political soul; America is a bad if not evil nation, should be shamed and never be allowed to feel that it is anything but the source off all that is bad on the planet.

They cannot let us let us win - and they will do anything and sacrifice anything to make sure that America and its military are shamed and cowed.

They did it in the earlz`70s when even though they cut off funds from S. Vietnam so they could not fight the conventional attack from the North like they did in '72.

America's loss in shame in Vietnam was the crowning joy of their youth, and like any plastic surgeon or Dr. that sells the oval blue pill will tell you - the Boomer Left wants nothing more than to relive their youth.

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