Wednesday, February 07, 2007

D.O.T.E. to Navy: you have no clothes

This sounds very familiar...
Small but highly trained crews may succumb to “excessive fatigue and failure” in combat or a battle damage contingency on the Navy’s much-anticipated Littoral Combat Ship, according to a comprehensive evaluation of the nation’s current and future weapons programs.
“Initial conclusions indicate manning levels do not portend success in a stressing mine warfare scenario,” the report reads.

LCS has a total mission and ship’s crew of 75 sailors.
“Forget damage control — what if five of the crew come down with food poisoning?” he says.

Likewise, evaluators note that LCS is being built to the survivability standard of an auxiliary ship, rather than a combatant ship.
Little Crappy Ship. The MilBlogger gift that keeps on giving. More people need tobe fired.

Hat tip reader Sid.


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