Monday, February 12, 2007

Victory Caucus: I'm in

I don't do this stuff easily: but with company like Dean Barnett, Austin Bay, Matthew Currier Burden, Frank Gaffney, Hugh Hewitt, Ed Morrissey; how can you say no.

The Victory Caucus

"Not a Dime for Defeat, No Matter How Disguised"

We need your help. NZ Bear of the Truth Laid Bear has posted our first message about where you come in:

Today is the day: we're now publicly launched and welcoming anyone and everyone to The Victory Caucus ! Where should you start? Well, first, take a look at our Mission and Beliefs.
They start with this fundamental statement:
We support victory in the war against radical Islamists. We supported the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and we believe victory is necessary in both countries for America's self-defense.

If that sounds right to you, then join us: register an account here , and let us know as much (or as little) as you care to share about yourself with your fellow Caucus members. One of the main goals of this effort is to show our leaders that there is a broad and influential community of citizens (and voters --- and donors) who believe victory is necessary. So the more info you can share with us, the more credibly we can convey that message --- but it's entirely up to you how much you'd like to share.

"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last." - Sir Winston Churchill


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