Thursday, February 15, 2007

I dare you... tag my ship. Please, please try to paste an IRG Symbol on my ship.
A commander in Iran's Revolutionary Guards said Wednesday that a commando unit has engraved the military organization's emblem into the side panel of an American warship stationed in the Persian Gulf.

Nur Ali Shushkari, the head of the Revolutionary Guards ground forces, told Iranian pro-government news agencies that the symbol was etched onto the ship by the crew of a submarine that had managed to reach the U.S. vessel without detection by radar.
Engraving is even better. More noise and time. Yes, my BM1 would love the capture if it.

The Canadians are good at "zapping" - they use spray paint. But the best zapping story is from DESERT STORM. If memory serves me right it was an F-18 that landed on an all A-7 carrier (the one with the squadron with the cool paint job). There were 4 or so carriers right next to each other in the Red Sea - not hard to do I guess. Anyway, they promptly covered his plane with zappers and then sent him home with his tailhook between his legs.

Lex, or someone, help me out. I can't find the article or picture of it - though we in the Navy have a history of doing it.
Oh, for the record - I think Nur has been hitting the hash pipe again.

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