Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Rethinking Rudy

When Ted Olsen speaks; I listen.
Rudy's views on many, many issues are going to be very compatible with people in the conservative political community and the political legal community. Nobody's going to be able to find a candidate with whom they agree with 100 percent on every issue. Overall, Rudy's strength of character, his capacity for leadership in a time when a strong executive is important, his energy level, his ability to provide the kind of leadership that Ronald Reagan did -- I think that is going to be very persuasive with conservatives.
I have huge issues with Rudy on guns mostly, and other social issues in general. That being said, I also know that the greatest impact a President has is in National Security, Judges, budget, the size and scope of government, and international leadership.

Trying to be an adult, I know that my horse right now, Mitt Romney, may not be the choice of most. That being said, who is my #2? McCain? No, personal liberty, free speech, and besides that every time I see him he looks like a tired war horse that you love and respect - but just has too many injuries and years to lead the next charge. The rest of the R's? No chance. I'm going to keep my mind open.

As for the Dems: as hard as it is to say - the only serious candidate from the point of view of actually being able to run the world's greatest power is Sen. Clinton (D-NY). You can guess how that makes me feel. You can guess what that says about the Dems.

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