Tuesday, February 27, 2007

2006 Milbloggies..... 'lil 'ole me?!?

Our favorite resident of Idaho and a 100# head-type 1120, Bubblehead, reminded me of the Milbloggies going on.

Check out all the categories and you will find all your favorites. They just got through the nomination process, and thanks to those who voted - CDR Salamander made the final cut with Neptunus Lex, SMASH, and Doc in the Box who I know and a new guy, Sean Dustman.

Wow, great company. I know a lot of you read most of those in the Navy group - so head on over and vote for one of us (you have to log in to the site).

Of course, I would recommend following Bubblehead's lead, but any of these folks deserve your vote --- well, Sean if you like dogs.

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