Friday, February 02, 2007

France is lost forever

They complain of cultural imperialism, yet from McDonalds to thug-chic, they have adopted American cultural whims left and right.

Now they have made sure that they join the globalization Uber-nannyism. Our children will never know France as we did.
Smoky Parisian cafés will soon be nothing but a fond memory. As of Thursday, smoking is banned in public places in France and in a year, the blue haze will disappear from cafés and restaurants as well. C'est la vie.

For all the jokes about the rudeness of Parisiens, it's hard to deny that they know how to enjoy life. What, after all, could be more French than strolling into a café, ordering up a café au lait, lighting up a Gauloises and immersing oneself in a Camus novel?
Sacré bleu! Incroyable!

Il est perdu à jamais. Vous n'obtiendrez jamais le soutient. Vous avez voté pour un maire Socialiste. Qu'avez-vous prévu ?

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