Thursday, February 01, 2007

Morris's horrendus posterus

This will make you want to take your medication.
» He laid out the political future: “Hillary will be the next president, and she’ll be the worst president we’ve ever seen.” No matter what happens, the situation in Iraq will “assure that the GOP gets massacred in 2008 congressional elections.” In 2010, the Republicans will take back the Congress — “Hillary will give Republicans the same gift she gave them in 1994” — and they’ll win the presidency in 2012, but thanks to demographic shifts favoring Republicans (sic) (namely the rising Hispanic and African-American populations), “that will be the last Republican president we’ll ever see.”
I don't think his version of the future will turn out like he thinks. I can see how he got there. Politics has a way of shifting in ways you wouldn't think. Could Morris's future happen? Sure. Will it? I doubt it. It still can make you want to stay involved though.....

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