Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Why Sailors miss Haifa Liberty

Haifa was/is a great place to have a liberty call. The IDF are full of professionals that are great to work with. Most Sailors, however, think of other things about the IDF.
According to a military probe, a female soldier had sex with 13 servicemen while on duty at an IAF base two years ago but failed to seduce the non-commissioned officer in charge into engaging in oral sex.

Based on the inquiry’s findings Halutz decided to dismiss the 42-year-old NCO for “inappropriate conduct," stating that he failed to stop the orgy and did not report the incident to his superiors.
I will leave this comment to stand on its own.
According to the petition, the NCO turned down an offer for oral sex by the female soldier but touched her breast “with no sexual intension.”

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