Saturday, January 07, 2006

SGT Seavey: Bravo Zulu

Things can get shocking for Congressmen who leave an echo chamber.

I have tried to avoid the Rep. Murtha thingy as of late like I avoid dog poop in the street: it is there, allowed to exist by rude people - but avoidable if you make an effort. The thing is, there are good people out there that have honest issues with this administration and the war in Iraq. That's ok; we live in a relatively free country where people have a right to be wrong if they want.

The sad thing is, in their blindness to take on board anyone who attacks the war, these otherwise smart people are hitching themselves to the wrong wagon, and are weakening their position by doing so. IMAO, Rep. Murtha is one of those wagons. Evidence that he is lost/poorly served by staff/being used is that he is hanging out with the, well - not on my Christmas Card List, Rep. Moran.

The danger of living in an echo chamber is that you do not have the ability to respond to honest difference of opinion.


Hat tip Michelle.
UPDATE: Expanded coverage over at Mudville Gazette. UPDATE II:And from the same event, General Wagner (ret) nukes a babbling Rep. Moran.

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