Tuesday, January 17, 2006

LRAACA...I mean ACS is dead

The word was out OCT and now it is final.
The United States Army announced today that it is terminating the $879 million Lockheed Martin, System Design and Development (SDD) contract for the Aerial Common Sensor.

"After carefully evaluating Lockheed's proposals, we decided that the prudent course of action at this time was to terminate the contract and bring the various players -- industry, the acquisition and user communities, the Navy and Air Force -- back to the drawing board to make sure we all have a firm understanding of what the requirements are and the various challenges we need to overcome to make this program succeed. We are not terminating the program. I think -- I know -- that we learned a great deal in the early stages of this contract during the system's design maturation phase and we intend to take this knowledge forward.
That is like saying that now, you as an adult crapped in you pants,and you now know to take your pants off first before you sit on the pot. This Pax River to DC decision was a "make it to my turnover" BS job from the start. I'm going to stop my rant now - can we just go back to EP-8A now and call it even?

The thing is, talk to the VQ folks who were briefed on this program in '03 and '04, if the procurement folks had listened to everyone from squadron CO below from the VQ community, they wouldn't have wasted all this time and money. Joe Fleet LT knew it wouldn't work. The highly paid "consultants" couldn't even answer basic Zero Fuel Weight questions. They sure sold someone a bill of goods. How many times will we let LMT play Lucy to the Navy's Charlie Brown. Etc, etc.

Still no one fired.

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