Monday, January 02, 2006

Best New Laws of 2006

All praise the South!! Two good ones that touch the core to all great Americans: cars and drinking.

I offer:

From the Great State of Florida: Adjustments to the "Road Rage Reduction Act" (AKA SB224; AKA Good German Road rules come to the Sunshine State.) I bring your attention to section 1, para 1.c, lines 13-19:
13 (c) Upon a roadway divided into three marked lanes for
14 traffic under the rules applicable thereon. However, upon any
15 limited access roadway having two or more lanes for each
16 direction of travel, any vehicle driven in the left-most lane
17 shall yield right-of-way to any vehicle traveling at a higher
18 speed by moving to the nearest lane to the right at the first
19 practicable and safe opportunity; or
Praise (insert diety here)!! If there was one state that needed it (after Hawaii) is was FL. Translates as "Get out of the Left lane or Smokey will arrest you for being stupid!!!!

From the State that had the palm nuts to start a fight with the Yankees - South Carolina.
The year 2005 wasn't the only thing being toasted away in some South Carolina bars. Partygoers and bar owners could finally say good riddance to the minibottle. For 22 years, South Carolina law required bartenders to use the tiny 1.7-ounce bottles most often associated with airplanes and hotel minibars.

The minibottle rule started as a temperance issue, and it hung on through the yeas as lawmakers resisted repeated calls by bars and restaurants to change it.

Then, last year, South Carolinians voted the minibottles out, and lawmakers followed through earlier this year by approving regulations to give bars and restaurants the choice to pour from the big bottles starting Jan. 1.
Oh, happy day. A night in Tommy Condons will be much better.

Mmmm. In my retirement planning notebook, remind me to put two happy faces next to FL and SC.

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