Monday, January 09, 2006

France 2115

Don't laugh. Want this in Nimes?
Sulawesi is half-Christian, but jihadis there think the island should be sanitized for Islam. The idea is to win a limited war for shariah law in an area where radicals think they can set up an Islamic government.
And how are they doing this?
As people shopped for groceries at an open-air market on New Year's Eve in the Indonesian coastal town of Palu, a homemade bomb loaded with nails killed at least eight people and ripped apart a kiosk selling pork. Christians on the island of Sulawesi eat pork on New Year's, but devout Muslims, of course, don't. Indonesian police believe the bombing is the latest tragic installment in a long-simmering religious struggle, like the decapitation of three Christian girls on another part of the island last October. Militants with machetes attacked the girls in a cocoa plantation while they walked to a Christian school, and -- just to make sure they made their point nice and clear -- they left one of the heads lying outside a church.
That is just a sample of what is coming to any place that has a growing, radical Islamist population. Read it all.

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