Tuesday, January 03, 2006

France Adrift: Chapter 438,235

There is great quote from Braveheart that applies here.
Longshanks: Scotland; my land. The French will grovel to anyone with strength, but how will they believe our strength when we cannot rule the whole of our own island?
A little turnaround is in order here though. France will never be taken seriously when it can't control it own streets.
PARIS Rowdy revelers in France torched 425 vehicles overnight in scattered New Year's Eve unrest that has become an annual problem in troubled neighborhoods, the national police chief said Sunday. Last year, 333 cars were burned. Police Chief Michel Gaudin also said there were no major clashes this year between youths and police overnight, as had been feared. In what has become an annual tradition every New Year's Eve, youths set several hundred cars ablaze in France as festivities get out of hand.

Police were especially cautious this time because of the wave three weeks of rioting and car burning that started in late October. A state of emergency imposed during the rioting is still in effect, and 25,000 police were on alert for the holiday.
Ignoring the MSM writing style, you still have to love the words. "Rowdy Revelers...", "..annual tradition..", "..festivities get out of hand.", and "Police were especially cautious."

Should have been cracking heads. Pathetic.

StrangePolitics gives the forcast for France.

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