Monday, January 23, 2006

Naomi Wolf finds Jesus

Naomi Wolf, one of America’s foremost feminist thinkers, has found a spiritual awakening in God after experiencing a “mystical encounter” with Jesus.

Wolf, best known as the author of the Beauty Myth, a groundbreaking 1991 polemic against the cosmetics industry that radicalised a generation of young women, revealed the cause of a hitherto unexplained mid-life crisis that set her on a “spiritual path”.
Congrats Naomi, and good luck. Ignore those who are smug, think you had a stroke, or generally give you grief. I didn't accept the invite until I was 35; am still walking, and still trying to figure it all out.
Wolf admitted that, during a therapy session to treat writer’s block, she encountered what she described as a holographic image of Jesus.

“I actually had this vision of Jesus, and I’m sure it was Jesus,” said Wolf. “But it wasn’t this crazy theological thing; it was just this figure who was the most perfected human being that there could be – full of light and full of love.”

More bizarrely, she experienced this as a teenage boy. “I was a 13-year-old boy sitting next to him and feeling feelings I’d never felt in my lifetime,” said Wolf. “[Feelings] of a boy being with an older male who he really loves and admires and loves to be in the presence of. It was probably the most profound experience of my life. I haven’t talked about it publicly.”

Wolf emphasised that her spiritual renewal strengthened her commitment to feminism as her life mission. “I believe that each of us is here to help repair the world,” she said. “My particular mission seems to be about helping women remember what’s sacred about them or what’s sacred about femininity .”
Jesus comes to us in the way that is best for us, at the right time, in a way we will understand - when we are ready to walk through the door that has always been opened. He came to me through a big Texas Pastor and a 5 yr old girl.

Well, that is my take. We all have a mission, and a spiritual gift or two. Naomi, if that is yours, run with it. Mine is different, but that is ok. Others will say you are wrong, but remember; they are just as imperfect as you are...and I am.
She also expressed apprehension that her faith would be hijacked by religious groups. “I don’t want to be co-opted as the poster child for any religion or any agenda,” said Wolf, who was brought up in a liberal Jewish household. “There are a lot of people out there just waiting for some little Jewish feminist to cross over. I don’t claim to get where this being fits into the scheme of things but I absolutely believe in divine providence now, absolutely believe God totally cares about every single one of us intimately.”
Join the party Naomi. I don't hang my tag by any one group either - don't like the concept. It is right for some, just not me. Sure, I joke about being a little to the left of snake handlers, and freely call myself an Evangelical - simply because that is the best way to describe me. Read the primary source, and use your gifted mind as much as you can.

PS: Don't worry about being perfect. You have good days, and back sliding days. It is the direction that matters.....IMAO.

Hat tip The Corner.

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