Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Annapolis tradition gone...again

A 155-year tradition will come to an end at 0530 Sunday, when Lance Cpls. Edward Voumard and Kyle Boeser turn over their guard post at Gate 8 of the Naval Academy to sailors.

They will be the last Marines to guard the academy.
Sigh. Hey, while I am kicking the USNA hornet's nest this month, I wonder what some folks' opinions are of this USNA alumni and former Marine officer's observations in general, and specifically what he saw at the Army-Navy game.

I didn't see this on the TV, I spent most of my time trying to explain football to fur'ners and wanted to make sure the keg was fine....but I hear things. I hear things....(NB: these are not necessarily my opinions, I am just passing them along for comment).
This is part of an email he sent me last week.
My own opinion is based on first-hand accounts on the rather embarrassing state of affairs that Adm. Rempt has created at the Academy as told by current officers stationed at Annapolis. One such example occurred recently during President Bush's address at the Academy. Prior to the television camera's coverage of the president's speech, Adm. Rempt instructed the Brigade of Midshipmen to sing songs for the president and other dignitaries present. From what I was told, the Commander-In-Chief looked absolutely stunned at the sight, and I can only imagine his thoughts as Adm. Rempt turned a serious and important national security address into some sort of carnival atmosphere.

But Adm. Rempt's desire to function as circus ring leader apparently was not the first time. While attending the 2005 homecoming football game, myself, my wife, and some of my classmates (many of whom had recently returned from combat tours) were shocked as the Brigade of Midshipmen sauntered into Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium without the slightest hint of military bearing. Instead of marching in--as has been done for over a century--the midshipman walked along as if on their way from a bar while naive civilians threw them food, bottles of water, and other beverages. The midshipmen proceeded to knock one another over while lunging for the food before stuffing their faces on the go. My wife--herself the daughter of a former (Major NATO country's Army) service member--described the scene as if "feeding time at the local zoo." Adm. Rempt seemed to enjoy the sight as he wizzed to and fro through the lines of midshipmen in his golf cart. To say the least, it was a shocking eye-opener as to what the U.S. Naval Academy has devolved into.
I fault the alumni and other current leaders for not stepping in sooner to stop the madness that is occurring at Annapolis...

Correction to the above. This was the USNA HOMECOMING game, not AvN game. My bust.

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