Thursday, August 31, 2006

Vogons have taken over the Iranian press

More evidence that The Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy is critical literature.

It appears that the Vogons have influences in Iran.
The news conference veered off into an unruly question-and-answer session, with reporters praising the president, questioning him and some jumping from their seats demanding that their questions be taken. The president politely admonished one reporter, saying he needed to behave better.

One reporter said he had no question but wanted to recite poetry.
Sounds like they don't have quite the hard-hitting press pool like we do.
A reporter for a small newspaper called The Path of the People stood to ask a question and said: “I was hoping when you arrived I would share my pain with you.

Now I have no pain in my heart, only happiness.
I would have rather heard the poem. Kind of reminds me of the days of the White House Press Corps during the Clinton Administration.

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