Monday, August 07, 2006

Reuters has found the critical military issue

Let's review real fast here. When not creating history, Reuters is doing its best to focus on the real important issues involving the military so keep the people of the world informed and aware so they can make judgments and decisions about the world around them.

Yep, the MSM is on point for you and me. They have found the critical item of importance in the Global War on Islamofascism: t-shirts,
Pilots on the Roosevelt sported T-shirts, also shown to reporters including this Reuters correspondent, that said, "I'm a Tomcat guy and you're a homo." The commander of the fighter squadron, in fact, wore the shirt.
No agenda here at Reuters. Move along, people. Move along.

Oh, and Big Navy is in High Dudgeon on this one;
In response to questions from Reuters, Navy Rear Admiral Denby Starling, commander of the Naval Air Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, said the anti-gay messages witnessed on the Roosevelt were "contrary to Navy policy and core values and have no place within Naval Aviation or the Navy."

"Immediately upon notification of your observations, Naval Aviation leadership engaged to take corrective action," he said in an e-mail. "Steps have been taken to ensure that the offending messages have been removed. Squadron and air wing leadership have been counseled regarding the inappropriate tone set by such messages and poor judgment demonstrated in allowing their display."

Starling said other steps would be taken and the incident would be used to reinforce policy across the force.
At least they busted the extinct Tomcat guys. They could have found something naughty with the Navy F.A.G. community. No slack in light attack with F.A.G.s like Lex! I know he has a very diverse background - but once you have flown it once, you will forever be know as a F.A.G. Once a F.A.G., always a F.A.G., right Lex? I scurry for cover.....

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