Monday, August 21, 2006

Special purpose Navy Jack

Guest blogg'n over at Commie's Place, J.D. points the way to the Evolution (I guess that is the name) blog that tells a story that folds in all sorts of buzz-kills.

We have busy-bodies, nosey neighbors, and "he protesteth too much" homophobes. Read it all, but as the gay-pimps from both sides of the equation come like botflies, the folks over at Evolution offer this.

I like that. A lot. You don't have to agree with anyone about anything, but you can agree that some people can't help but make a pain of themselves - for no good reason. Why can't we just leave each other alone?

Anyway, in many uses, perhaps the Navy could use this. Anti-terror and anti-piracy patrols. Coast Guard could use it for drug and immigration patrols. All sorts of uses. What do you think we could use this modified Navy Jack for?

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