Saturday, August 19, 2006

Lineal Looney

Sometimes there are things that fall in your lap in the blogg'n world.

Checking StatCounter, I find that I have a reader from Annapolis - my heart is a'flutter knowing that someone from Boat School is so bored on a Saturday that they had to take a break to visit. What pray tell, was the area of interest? See if you can figure it out.

Higher res here.

Get that? Yep, the pressing issue at the United States Naval Academy is "What is my lineal number." So many funny angles to this one, the top being that if you want to know your lineal number, google sends you to me.

Hey Shipmate, let me help you out with a little GMT. Using IE, go to the Naval Register here and follow the drop-down menu. Simple as getting sent to Courts Martial for saying "hard-on" and "nips."

Parking must be rough at the beginning of the school year.

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