Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Good Things are Always Recycled

In our 24-minute news cycle online - 24-hours is so 20th Century - one indicators of a works ponderability quotient (Pq) is how often it gets pulled out of the closet and reused - not unlike my 1951 manufacture Win-94.

In our area of interest though, I think few articles have longer legs than our friend CAPT Hendrix's 4+-yr old USNI article "Buy Fords Not Ferraris."

Along those same lines, I smiled when another of our friend's articles - this one three years old - was brought out and pondered.

Over at RealClearDefense, Harry Kazainis re-thinks James Kraska's 2010 article in Orbis, "How the United States Lost the Naval War of 2015."
American military power -- specifically naval power -- has clearly underwritten the idea that the global commons are a space that are to be protected and preserved for all nations to use. America's navy insures the seas are an open area of trade, commerce, and free of those who would use the oceans sweeping commons as a place to cause others harm. Indeed, the global order, whether you like it or not, is still underwritten by American military might.
What if America was no longer the assumed guarantor of the global commons?
Indeed. You owe it to yourself to read Harry's thoughts, then follow the link to Jim's.

As a side-note, you can also catch our interview with Kraska on Midrats in 2010 here. Though since then Jerry has been a regular on and off a few episodes, a few episodes of Midrats later in 2010 was CAPT Hendrix's first visit that you can listen to here.

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