Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Who the Frack Swims in Dodge?

I shudder remembering the HUGE tiger sharks you could see swimming in the bay from the bulkhead behind the Seaman's Club (or was it the Brit Club?)

When it come so fish of all kinds - the waters around Diego Garcia are paleolithic. Swimming 25-ft from shore? Awwww h311 no.
Swimming and other water activities were suspended at Navy Support Facility Diego Garcia after a U.S. Navy contractor was killed July 14 in a shark attack.
The attack occurred about 25 feet from shore in a designated swimming area one mile from the downtown area of the base, ... The man was bitten by a large dark shark that was allegedly between six and 10 feet long. Several co-workers witnessed the attack and entered the water to bring the man to shore. He was transported to the base’s Branch Health Clinic where he was pronounced dead after medical personnel spent 25 minutes trying to save him.
I feel sorry for his family, but ... wow.

I grew up on the water and even I wouldn't go more than knee deep and 5 yards from shore in Dodge. Take a helo flight around the place at dawn or dusk ... that is all you need to keep yourself out of the water.

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