Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Greenert v. Mattis

You want a good Navy Relief fund raiser? Heck, I'd buy a half-dozen tickets and fly in for it. 

I get first dibs on Mary as a date though; Mrs. Salamander will give me special dispensation ... I think.

In the blue corner, Admiral Greenert, USN;
The Navy currently has 95 of its 286 ships deployed, along with 3,700 aircraft, but “I’ll tell you, since sequestration sort of set in with the impact of a continuing resolution, we’re down about 10 ships from, say, about a year ago or actually several months ago, forward deployed. So there is an impact,” Greenert said.

Normally, the Navy would have three carriers in reserve stateside to act as a surge force in case of a crisis, but because of sequester the reserve has been reduced to one carrier, Greenert said.
In the gold corner, General Mattis, USMC (Ret.);
Mattis also warned that Admirals and Generals need to "stop sucking their thumbs and whining about sequestration, telling the world we're weak" because it sends a signal to nations such as Iran and North Korea, and they may start to believe it.
I miss smokers.

Who has the odds and is feeling lucky? I've got money in my pocket to burn.

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M.Hipple said...

Here's the thing about "making us look weak." Not questioning decisions and "going with it" is what got us LCS. It is what got us sequestration, when everyone kept their mouths shut. It lets leadership hide bad decisions behind a smoke-screen of PAO's; after which those decisions become concrete. It's easier to kill bad ideas than bad policy. That said, I ask Mattis' forgiveness for my impertinence and pray my life is spared.