Tuesday, July 02, 2013

LCS: Don't Trust 'Ya Lying Eyes!

Ummmm ... yea. How did SECNAV describe LCS recently ... wait ... oh, here it is.
... the bigger picture Mabus said, is how this new class of small and nimble ship will cooperate with foreign partners to keep the peace ...
Generally, that is how both classes of LCS are described.

Let's talk photography a bit, shall we? Generally speaking, the object closer to the lens appears larger than it is. USS INDEPENDENCE (LCS-2) is in the back, USS WAYNE E. MEYER (DDG-108) is in the foreground, yet as seen from the Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego .... BEHOLD!

Our folly on parade. We have to make it of some productive use to the Fleet - but that doesn't mean we have to love it.

"Small and nimble" just keep saying that. Just keep saying that. It will be so much harder to see!!! Harumph.

Oh, and she look horrible ... but that isn't the crew's fault. Why do we give our Sailors such junk?

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