Thursday, May 24, 2012

LCS: Quote vs. Quote

One of the core reasons more people have not joined the LCS bandwagon has been the ongoing contradictions and contrary sales points by its strongest advocates.

Earlier this week we bounced the CNO's "not in harms way" off The Under's "LCS will be like Taffy 3" strange rally cry.

Well - there is more to chew on that will help explain why LCS just cannot get traction.
"If we needed a frigate, we would build a frigate."
--- Undersecretary of the Navy Bob Work at the CATO forum: The Future of the U.S. Navy Surface Fleet.
P 50 Section 2 of U.S. Navy Program Guide 2012
"Decommissioning of the remaining 26 FFGs is scheduled to occur prior to FY 2019. The LCS will replace the capacity and capability of the FFG 7-class."
Sure, a lot accept that LCS will be in the Fleet - but don't confuse acceptance with approval - and don't complain people "don't get it" when you can't even "explain it."

Hat tip DKB in comments.


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