Thursday, May 31, 2012

Diversity Thursday

In the face of tight budgets and, "I'm sorry, Seaman Timmy can't go to that school - we're out of money." - this stuff is firmly trending towards the decision making practices of the Loyal Order of Moral Cowards.

OK - count the number of NAVAIR employess and their estimated cost-per-hour ... then ... BEHOLD!
From: NAVAIR Commander
Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2012 7:28
Subject: NAVAIR Diversity Day - 26 June


On 26 June, NAVAIR will host a day of training on the topics of diversity and inclusion. We invite you to join us for dialogue and discussion as we create an awareness of the benefits of a diverse workforce and explore the opinions, backgrounds, cultures and experiences that make NAVAIR and the Navy stronger. Frans Johansson, noted diversity expert and author of "The Medici Effect," will join us to discuss innovation powered by diversity. NAVAIR's Diversity Day discussions will also highlight and showcase the work of the Executive Diversity Council and the NAVAIR Diversity Advisory Teams.

NAVAIR is committed to fostering a culture that leverages and values diversity while ensuring equal opportunities for all. To succeed, we must not only understand the barriers preventing diversity, but also the value gained by fostering an inclusive environment. Please mark your calendars for this important training on Tuesday, 26 June at the River's Edge Conference Center in Patuxent River, Md., and broadcast nationally via VTC from 1000-1500 EDT. You can view the save-the-date flyer at Registration details are forthcoming.

VADM David Architzel
Really? Frans? He has been milking that book since the first Bush 43 administration.

NAVAIR - airplanes and such. Think about the inability to properly plan, organize and execute a program - much less manage and lead it - has cost us since we adopted the leftovers from the loser of the USAF F-16 & F-17 flyoff. Do you really want them to take advice from a person who recommends (in the new book coming out this summer he is pimping, natch),
"Success, we’re told, is the outcome of careful planning, analysis, and strategy. But the truth is, success is far more random than we’d like to believe. In fact, in today’s complex, volatile, and random world, the five-year business plan is obsolete. Going through the motions can no longer guarantee strong performance. If planning is out the window, what do you have? According to Frans Johansson, look for “click moments”—rare opportunities, often serendipitous, to change course. In The Click Moment, he will discuss how to spot click moments and increase their occurrence in your life, how to place lots of high-potential bets, and how to leverage the complex forces that follow into a winning strategy."
Let me offer some help to NAVAIR.

Buy in bulk a bunch of books about John Boyd, pass out cards for the JAG in case someone feels like they are working with a bigot, and then tell everyone to get back to work - Sailors are counting on them.

Oh, if the Diversity Industry insists that NAVAIR needs his wisdom - the email a link to the below at 16:01 on a Friday afternoon, log training complete and go home.

Oh, speaking of priorities - for all of you who are having trouble getting the VA to focus on their core mission - read the first few pages of this document's Bu11sh1t Bingo - that will help you understand where effort and $$$$$ is going.
UPDATE: I forgot to add, this has nothing to do with diversity of ideas, perspectives, backgrounds - etc. Everyone should know that by now - no - this (D)iversity is all about the most useless difference between us - the self-identified racial/ethinc block checked on a sheet of paper, put on a PPT - and justifies another paycheck for the grievance industry.

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