Monday, May 21, 2012

It's OK - Our Navy is There ...

Time to buck everyone up.

For obvious reasons, I am not going to name the ship, the CO, the time frame, nor the coast this took place on. I will not put this leader in danger.

The important thing is to know that .... well .... our Navy is still going strong.

For a friend of the blog;

In a real departure from normal procedures, the skipper left the weatherdecks open during the full power run, crash astern, and crash ahead testing. ... everyone else secures the decks to avoid possible mishaps. (when I told him that) He gave me a disgusted look and formed an upside down triangle with his hands. He said that one of his missions was the "depussification of the Navy."
He told some hilarious stories about dealing with his Suggestion Box. They have a CSO that is a bit of a screamer when folks screw up. Invariably, after the ship completes a CS event the CSO passes word for all khaki to assemble in CIC where they will get a "frank and honest appraisal" of their performance. Well after one of these "Assemble all khaki" 1MC announcements the skipper gets on the 1MC and announces "away the morale suppression team, report to CIC." After that he got a missive in the Box saying that, "speaking for the crew," it was disheartening that he knew that morale was being reduced by the CSO and rather than step in and put a stop to it he was making light of it. Skipper said he always waits a couple of days before responding the such suggestions.

"First off you don't speak for the crew, you speak only for you."
And so it goes from there. Bravo Zulu Skipper - I'll keep an eye on you and your ship. I expect great things.

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